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All About Us

Hi.  My name is Christy and welcome to Bertha's Vinyl Shop!  Why "Bertha's"?  It was my nickname growing up and still is!  I sell vinyl simply because I love music.  Growing up, my mother always had music on (and still does!), sometimes in every room, something different playing.  She had a large Fisher stereo (you know... the ones with those wonderful tubes...) in the hallway that regularly blasted music throughout the house in the evenings and all weekend.  Fast forward 40 years, to the digital era that has replaced most of the need to lug around or store heavy records.  But vinyl is back!  And I'm in love with every single aspect of it, from the cover art, to the interesting biographies on the back, and right down to the act of placing the record on the table and laying the needled down.

I started Bertha's Vinyl Shop because I am passionate about music, and fascinated with the artistry and all of the hard work dedicated to producing a single album.  It's not just about the music.  It's about the whole piece... the musicians, the singers, the biographies, the cover art, the fonts of the text and the placement of them, the photos, the artwork... all of the wonderful and interesting things you can see and read about on the covers... the fact that you can hold it in your hands... the pressing plants.  A piece of art that lives on and on thanks to an amazing team of people that created it, each doing their part.


My hope is that with the resurgence of vinyl, we are reminded of how music can bring us all together, whether in person, in your local vinyl store, in person at your very own listening party, or just within your own household, sharing the music and experience with one another..

We’ve been working hard to establish our eBay store, and strive to meet and exceed buyer's expectations.  We have created this site to continue to grow and broaden our customer base.  For now, all transactions will still take place through the eBay store.  If there is something you are looking for, but do not see, please contact us!  We have 1000's of records that have not been posted!

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